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Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance S170 - Security appliance - 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN, GigE - 1U - rack-mountable


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Product Overview
Meet the growing challenge of both securing and controlling web traffic for your small business. The Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance S170 combines controls on web usage, reputation filtering, malware filtering, and data security on a single platform.
The Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance S170 is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. The S170 also supports the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution, which extends continuous web security enforcement to your user's mobile devices.
  • Fast, full application proxy
  • Integrated layer 4 traffic monitor
  • Cisco IronPort dynamic vectoring and streaming engine
  • Cisco IronPort web usage controls
  • Cisco IronPort web reputation filters
  • Integrated multivendor verdict engines
  • Simple data security tools
  • Delivers protection, performance, and accuracy
    Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliances help enterprises secure and control web traffic by offering multiple layers of malware defense on a single, integrated appliance. The Cisco IronPort S-series is also capable of intelligent HTTPS decryption, so that all associated security and access policies can be applied to encrypted traffic. A fast web proxy is the foundation for security and AUP enforcement. It allows for comprehensive content analysis, which is critical to accurately detect devious and rapidly mutating web-based malware. This system efficiently returns cached web content through intelligent memory, disk, and kernel management-easily ensuring high performance and throughput for even the largest of networks.
  • Industry-leading acceptable use enforcement
    Cisco IronPort Web usage controls, available on all Cisco IronPort S-series Web Security Appliances, provide industry-leading visibility and protection from web use violations through a combination of list-based URL filtering and real-time dynamic categorization. This innovative solution is powered by the Cisco SIO center, which uses global Internet traffic visibility and analysis to target categorization efforts and provide timely updates, maximizing URL list-based efficacy. Cisco IronPort Web usage controls include both the category of the content and the application in use as part of the policy controls available to administrators. In addition to simply blocking or allowing applications by type or individually, administrators can apply deeper controls to particular application types.
  • Powerful data security enforcement
    Data security and data-loss prevention (DLP) empower organizations to take quick, easy steps to enforce common-sense data security policies; for example, preventing engineers from sending design files by webmail, blocking uploads by finance staff of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets larger than 100 KB, or preventing posts of content to blogs or social networking sites. These simple data security policies can be created for outbound traffic on HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. By directing all outbound HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP traffic to the third-party DLP appliance, organizations can allow or block based on the third-party rules and policies. This scenario also enables deep content inspection for regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection, incident severity definition, case management, and performance optimization.
  • Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility for borderless networks
    The Cisco Secure Borderless Network integrates security into the distributed network to address today's security requirements. This approach takes advantage of exceptional threat intelligence, a broad solution portfolio, and strategic partnerships and services to extend security to the right people, devices, and locations. The result is an architecture that enables customers to build solutions to meet evolving business challenges. One important component of this architecture is Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility. This solution combines the next-generation remote access capabilities of Cisco AnyConnect with the Web security capabilities of the S-series to provide mobile users with always-on secure access to their corporate resources, while still ensuring constant malware protection and policy enforcement. The Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance includes support for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility. Employees connecting with Cisco AnyConnect VPN client will experience an always-on, unobtrusive remote-access connection that extends web security enforcement to the mobile device. By taking advantage of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, the Cisco mobile user security solution supports the widest range of desktops and mobile devices, helping ensure that web security continues to be enforced as users change devices that they use.
  • Single sign-on to software-as-a-service applications
    In addition to your users moving outside the traditional enterprise security boundary, your critical business applications are increasingly being served from external servers. Enterprises are adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) at high rates, whether it is collaboration services such as Cisco WebEx meeting applications or online application suites such as Google Apps or Zoho. A major challenge with adoption of these services is managing user authentication and entitlements. Administrators want to control which users have access to which services, and control their access rights within each service. They also want the ability to revoke access in a timely fashion when a user leaves the organization. Employees need to remember multiple usernames and passwords, a problem they often solve by writing down the credentials in clear text, compromising security.
  • Comprehensive management and reporting capabilities
    Cisco IronPort Web Security Manager provides a single, easy-to-understand view of all access and security policies configured on the appliance. Administrators manage all web-access policies from a single location. Additionally, administrators can mix and match client-based criteria and destination-based criteria to flexibly determine when each set of policies is applied.

Product Specification
  • Product Description: Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance S170 - security appliance
  • Device Type: Security appliance
  • Form Factor: Rack-mountable - 1U
  • Processor: 2 x Intel 2.8 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 250 GB x 2
  • Data Link Protocol: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
  • Capacity: Connection / user qty : 2000
  • Power: AC 120/230 V
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.9 cm x 39.4 cm x 4.2 cm

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