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Cisco Supervisor Engine 7-E - Control processor - plug-in module


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  • Product Overview
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Product Overview
Establishing borderless leadership is now easier than ever to achieve with the Cisco Supervisor Engine 7-E, an enterprise-class borderless network access and aggregation supervisor engine. Cisco Supervisor Engine 7-E is built with price-performance aggregation deployments in mind, providing increased Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber density along with hardware capabilities to support enterprise-class aggregation functionalities. Supervisor Engine 7-E facilitates borderless user experiences for enterprise, public sector, mid-market, and commercial customer deployment business-critical applications.
  • 256K routing entries for high-end campus access and aggregation deployments
  • IPv6 support in hardware, providing wire-rate forwarding for IPv6 networks
  • Dynamic hardware forwarding-table allocations for ease of IPv4-to-IPv6 migration
  • Auto install and AutoQoS for fast deployment
  • Config rollback for improved config management
  • EEM, Smart Call Home, GOLD, TDR for simplified operations
  • Flexible NetFlow and IP SLA for enhanced visibility
  • Cisco EnergyWise for simplified power management
  • ISSU for simplified change management
  • Predictable performance and scalability
    The Supervisor Engine 7-E is also optimized for multimedia applications with its advanced multicast support offered by features such as Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), Source-Specific Multicast (SSM), and Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM), giving your network additional scalability to support multimedia applications.
  • Simplified operations through automation
    As campus switching has grown to support increasing enterprise demands, so has the need to deploy and manage evolving technologies. Simplified operations are critical in meeting these challenges and achieving increased operational efficiency through proactive management and reduction in unplanned network downtime.
  • Optimized application visibility with flexible NetFlow
    Cisco IOS flexible NetFlow allows optimization of the network infrastructure, reducing operation costs, improving capacity planning and security incident detection with increased flexibility and scalability. The Cisco Supervisor Engine 7-E enables powerful, on-box and customizable event correlation and policy actions. This allows the switches to trigger customized event alarms or policy actions when the predefined condition is met. With no external appliance required, customers are able to use existing infrastructure to perform traffic monitoring, making traffic analysis economical even on large IP network.
  • IPv6 support
    IPv6 is important for the future of IP networking and is critical for the expansion of IP address space in the future. IPv6 capability is required by many companies and is being mandated by governments worldwide. The Supervisor Engine 7-E supports Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) snooping for IPv6, enhancing performance and reducing network traffic by allowing a switch to dynamically add and remove hosts from a multicast group.

Product Specification
  • Product Description: Cisco Supervisor Engine 7-E - control processor
  • Device Type: Control processor
  • Form Factor: Plug-in module
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB (installed) / 4 GB (max)
  • Performance: Switching capacity : 848 Gbps ¦ Per-slot switching capacity : 48 Gbps ¦ IPv6 routing : 125 Mbps ¦ IPv4 routing : 250 Mbps
  • Capacity: QoS hardware entries : 128000 ¦ Security services entries : 128000 ¦ Virtual interfaces (VLANs) : 4096 ¦ Multicast entries (IPv4) : 70000 ¦ Multicast entries (IPv6) : 64000 ¦ Multicast entries (shared between IPv4 and IPv6) : 16000 ¦ MAC addresses : 55000 ¦ IPv6 routes : 128000 ¦ IPv4 routes : 256000 ¦ Spanning Tree Protocol instances : 3000 ¦ Switched virtual interfaces (SVIs) : 4096 ¦ NetFlow entries : 128000
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

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